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Big Five Blackjack Gold Brief Overview

Big Five Blackjack Gold is another Microgaming card game that offers you to enjoy crisp graphics and plenty of options to try. This game is played with 5 regular decks of 52 cards. The cards are shuffled before each hand. Blackjack pays 3:2.

The dealer must hit soft 17. In other words, if the dealer has an Ace, 6 hand he will take another card not to stand on the 17. We all know that Soft Hand is more advantageous and allows getting close to 21, or even making 21, by drawing six or more cards. Thus, such option is quite advantageous to the house. However, with a good strategy applied you have enough chances to make profits playing this blackjack game.

The minimum bet allowed is $1.00. The maximum bet is $200. It can be appreciated by beginners to test the waters as well as by professionals to have fun winning great sums.

Big Five Blackjack Gold Rules and Strategy

Hit and Stand are the options without which no blackjack games exist. You have a choice to influence your win and it makes blackjack so popular. However, we need even more, and Big Five Blackjack Gold offers you more features to try.


Make your bet and click on Deal button. Now the cards are dealt and you have several options to choose from. First of all, you should decide whether you want to Surrender. Such an option allows you to give up the half of your bet if you see that dealer will definitely win. For example, in case the dealer has 10 and your cards are not so great to expect wining hand. Thus, you at least can keep half of your bet and continue the game with new deal.


Choose this option in case you think that only one card is necessary for you to win. Thus, you will double your bet and can win more. For example, playing with $10 wager you can choose Double option and increase your bet to $20. Then, getting the necessary hand you will win $40 instead of $20 that can be won before you decide to double. However, make sure that one card to take is enough to win. Otherwise, you will lose $20.


Getting first two cards of the same value you can choose Split option and create 2 hands to play at once. You should place an additional wager equal to the first bet to play with both hands. You can split 3 times to make 4 hands and increase your chances to win as well as your prize. If you split two Aces, each Ace can receive one additional card and then you must Stand.


When the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you can choose an insurance bet. This bet can be up to half of the original bet. It’s a side wager and pays 2:1 if dealer has Blackjack. Note that if the Dealer ends up not having a Blackjack, you lose the value of the Insurance bet. Insurance is not allowed if you have already Split or Double Down.

Big Five Blackjack Gold Strategy
Big Five Blackjack Gold Strategy
Big Five Blackjack Gold Win
Big Five Blackjack Gold Win

Big Five Blackjack Gold Autoplay Option

You also can take advantage of Autoplay option that is available for both – Fun and Expert mode. Click on an arrow in the right corner below and choose the strategy to follow. You can decide when to Stand, Hit, Split, Double or Surrender depending on your hand and dealer’s first card. Save these changes in your strategy to follow. You also can choose Default option to try the strategy offered.

Then you should set Autoplay options that allow you to choose number of deals, speed of the game as well as the time when to stop depending on your win limit set or money spent. Now all decisions are made and you can just relax watching as cards are dealt and you win some cash. You also can press Stop button any time to create a new strategy to follow.


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