Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival Review

Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival game Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival Rules

Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival Brief Overview

Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival is played with 6 decks of 52 cards. This is another blackjack game presented by Rival. This time you can play with up to 3 hands at once. Blackjack pays 3:2. You also can choose Insurance option that pays 2:1.

There are such chip denominations as $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $25.00 and $100. You can start with the minimum bet of $1.00. Thus, to play with all hands activated you should bet at least $3.00. The maximum bet allowed for this game is $1,500. Just choose the best for you.

The aim of blackjack is to get a hand equal or close to 21 but not exceeding it. You also should get better hand than a dealer. Each card has value of its number. Jack, Queen, King count as 10 and Ace has value of 11 or 1 depending on the situation.

Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival Rules and Strategy

There are several options to choose from except Hit or Stand. You can Double, Split as well as choose the Insurance option as well. What is more, if you choose really wrong option to make the next step, the casino software asks you one more time whether you really want to perform such action. Of course, there are no answers for every situation but if you definitely wrong, Rival reminds you about it.


When you get two cards of the same value you can create one more hand to play with. Just choose Split option and a pair of cards will create more hands to appreciate. Thus you can split up to 3 times and create up to 4 hands to play with.

Note that every time you create another hand, an extra bet equal to your initial bet is placed. In other words, you can spend more if lose, however, you also can win getting the best combination.


Playing this blackjack game you also have the opportunity to double your bet placed. If you are sure that only one card helps you to create the best hand to win, click Double button without hesitation. Thus, you can win twice bigger. However, don’t forget that you also can lose more if guess wrong.


Insurance option can help you to save some cash when the dealer gets an Ace as his first card up. If you suppose that he definitely has a blackjack you should choose Insurance. This time an extra bet equal to half your initial bet is placed.

If you are right and the dealer really has a blackjack you will get Insurance payout of 2:1. In case you are wrong, you will lose your Insurance bet placed and continue playing with the same cards dealt. Simple enough.

Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival Strategy
Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival Strategy
Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival Win
Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival Win

Blackjack Multi-Hand Rival Autoplay Option

There is no autoplay option. Rival software offers you to turn off all sounds or just regulate their volume. You also can choose to play full screen mode or change the speed of the game to slow down the cards dealt. Try different options to make your game more comfortable for you.


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