Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand Review

Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand game Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand Rules

Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand Brief Overview

Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand is another Playtech game that allows you to stop the game and return money if you don’t like the cards dealt. In other words, there is another opportunity to avoid risks if you believe that you don’t have the best cards to win. This game is played with 6 decks of 52 cards.

Playing with up to 3 hands at once you can win the blackjack that pays 3:2. There is also Insurance option to appreciate that pays 2:1.

The minimum bet possible is $0.01. The maximum bet per hand is $300. Thus, you can play with up to $900 at once.

Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand Rules and Strategy

The bets are placed, the cards are dealt and now it is high time to choose whether you want to Hit, Stand, Double or just Surrender. You will have two cards dealt with dealer’s one card up and one card down. Your task is to get 21 but not more or just have the hand better than the dealer’s one. Let’s try to figure out what and when you need to do to win.


If you sure that one extra card guarantees you win, click Double button. Your bet will be doubled and one card revealed tell you whether you win or lose twice bigger than start playing with. Make sure to avoid this option if you have a hand that equals 15 or more.


When you have two cards of the same value, for example, two sevens or two eights, you can split them to create one more hand. Of course, an extra bet equal to your initial bet is placed for the hand created. Just think whether split option provides you with better hands to play with. Otherwise, stay with the same hand and try to win.


This option helps you to quit at the very beginning. If you think that the dealer’s hand is better than yours, you can choose Surrender option. Thus, you will lose, but not all the money staked. You will have half your bet back. That is a good option if you sure in your loss. However, don’t be too cautious. This game likes risk.


It is another option that helps you to avoid some problems if you suppose that the dealer wins for sure. This time you can choose it when the dealer has an Ace as his first card up. Choosing this feature you need to place extra bet that is half your initial bet. If the dealer do has a blackjack you win. If not, you lose your Insurance bet and the game continues as if nothing happened – with the same cards dealt and the same bets placed.

Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand Strategy
Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand Strategy
Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand Win
Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand Win

Blackjack Surrender 3 Hand Autoplay Option

There are various features to appreciate. For example, you can change the speed of the game or enable full screen mode. You can play blackjack without any animation or turn off all sounds. Unfortunately, there is no autoplay option. Customize casino lobby in accordance with your preferences and play blackjack to win.


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