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Blackjack Switch game Blackjack Switch Rules

Blackjack Switch Brief Overview

Blackjack Switch is an innovative type of blackjack released by Playtech. This game is played with 6 decks or 52 cards and allows you to take advantage of such features a Super Match bet, Split and Double. You will be playing with two hands with the opportunity to switch the second cards dealt to improve your position.

This game provides you with Blackjack payout of 1:1 and Insurance payout 2:1. The dealer must hit soft 17. The dealer will also push on a total 22.

You can choose among a wide range of chips to play with. Just click on some of them to place your bet. You can start playing with minimum bet of $1 while the maximum bet is $300 per hand. In other words, you can play with up to $900 when you place normal bets as well as Super Match bet.

Blackjack Switch Rules and Strategy

When you choose chip denomination, note that you will be playing with two hands at a time. You can’t play with one hand, because to use Switch option that describes this variation of blackjack you need two hands dealt. You also can choose among such options as Hit, Stand, Double or Split as well as Insurance bet.

Super Match Bet

This bet is optional. You can place bets or not to get the opportunity to win the following payouts in case you get the necessary combinations of cards dealt.

  • 1 Pair pays 1:1
  • 3 of a Kind pay 5:1
  • 2 Pairs pay 8:1
  • 4 of a Kind pay 40:1

Seems to be quite impressive prizes, isn’t it? Just good luck and wise decisions to make.


When the two hands are dealt you can switch the two second cards. Thus, you can improve your hands. The good thing is that you can switch them back if you don’t like the hands created. Of course, you can switch back if you don’t choose the next option such as Hit or Stand. It is just another nice option to make your blackjack game more interesting and exciting.


When you are sure that you have a perfect hand to play with and need just one card to win, you can choose Double option. Thus, an extra bet is placed and you can increase your winnings. Just click on Double button to win more.


When you have two cards of the same value, for example, two tens or two eights, you can split to create one more hand to play with. Of course, an extra bet equal to your initial bet should be placed when you create another hand. Just decide whether you win if you split the cards with the values you have.


If the dealer has an Ace as his first card up, you can choose Insurance bet. It allows you to win payout 2:1 if the dealer really has a Blackjack. The insurance bet equals to half your initial bet. If the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack you will lose your insurance bet and continue with the same bets made and cards dealt as if nothing happened.

Blackjack Switch Strategy
Blackjack Switch Strategy
Blackjack Switch Win
Blackjack Switch Win

Blackjack Switch Autoplay Option

There is no Autoplay option, but you can adjust casino lobby as you like using various options available. You can turn off all sounds including dealer’s voice or on the contrary, you can make it louder. Play with full screen mode or change the size of cards dealt only.


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