Classic Blackjack Gold Series Review

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Classic Blackjack Gold Series Brief Overview

Classic Blackjack Gold Series is a Microgaming game with all the best features provided. Adore everything classic and stylish? This game will be prefect for you. Simple rules, nice bet options and amazing opportunities to win. Enjoy crisp graphics that invites you into the world of green sparkling tables and bright cards.

A dealer’s voice will tell you the options to choose next to make your entertainment more interactive. Those who want to relax in silence to enjoy this game of skills listening to soothing music can turn of all game sounds.

This game is played with 1 regular deck of 52 cards with all cards shuffled before each hand begins. The dealer must stand on all hands of 17 that is slightly advantageous for the house. Thus, you have more chances to improve your skills and check your luck. Blackjack beats any hand with a value of 21 and pays 2:3.

You can choose among various bet values available. The minimum bet allowed is $1.00. The maximum bet can be up to $200. Players with small budgets as well as those who prefer to risk will appreciate this classic game.

Classic Blackjack Gold Series Rules and Strategy


You can split like pairs only. In other words, if you get a hand of two sevens or two eights you can split once to create two hands. Extra bet that equals your initial bet is placed to the second hand. You can split a hand once only. Note that if your split a pair of Aces and then get 21 it will count as mere 21 but not Blackjack. Just decide whether this option increases your chances to win and take advantage of it.

Double Down

This simple blackjack game allows you to double your bet when your first cards are dealt. In other words, playing with $50 bet you can choose Double Down option and increase your bet up to $100 to win $200. Note that you can double only with hands to the value of 9, 10 or 11. Just click on Double button in case you think it guarantees you sure win. This feature is not available when you have Split.


Insurance option enables you to save your money in case the dealer’s first card is Ace. Just click on Yes button when such option provided and you will be paid out at the value of 2:1 in case the dealer’s hand appears to be Blackjack. However, if a dealer doesn’t have Blackjack you will lose your insurance bet. This option is not available for any second hands on a Split, or a Double Down bet. Just make the right decision relying on your intuition.

Classic Blackjack Gold Series Strategy
Classic Blackjack Gold Series Strategy
Classic Blackjack Gold Series Win
Classic Blackjack Gold Series Win

Classic Blackjack Gold Series Autoplay Option

AutoPlay option available in Expert Mode only. In other words, there is not Auto Play for Classic Blackjack Gold. Anyway, you also can customize the games settings in accordance with your requirements. For example, you can increase the speed of game choosing Auto-Rebet or Quick Deal in Options. Thus, cards are dealt in a flash and you should not wait at all.

You also can view statistics of the game with three highest wins indicated as well as hands played information provided. You also can view session time and hands dealt per hour. Compare dealer’s hands to improve your game and create your own strategy to play wisely.


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