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Face Up 21 Blackjack Brief Overview

Face Up 21 Blackjack is super fascinating game released by RTG that offers you to sink into the atmosphere of excitement and to apply all your quick wits and luck to win the best prizes. This game is played with 8 standard decks of 52 cards. The cards are shuffled before each hand. Dealer’s and player’s cards face up during all the game.

In Face Up 21 your goal is to get score more points than the dealer scores, but try not ro exceed 21. A “Blackjack” is a hand constituting of two cards – an Ace and a Face card, the highest possible winning combination. A total of 21 points with three or more cards is not considered Blackjack, but also beats the dealer.

All cards in this game are devided into following point values: 2 – 10 are equal their face value, King, Queen and Jack – 10 points, Ace can be considered as 1 or 11 points depending on which allows to have the better hand.

When the first cards are dealt, the dealer stands and the game automatically hits for you until you win or “bust”. The dealer hits on soft 17, player wins Blackjack tie, dealer wins all other ties. This rule acts in this kind of Blackjack because you are can see both of the dealer’s cards and therefore know what numbers you must beat. You win in case if you have Blackjack, if the dealer is “bust” or if you just have more points thean the dealer has.

You can choose among following chip denominations such as $1.00, $5.00, $25.00 and $100. The minimum bet is 1.00, the maximum one is $250.

Face Up 21 Blackjack Rules and Strategy


You can choose this action when two first cards are dealt and you are sure that you can beat the dealer’s hand when the third card will be given. Note that this action requires additional bet. The best way to double is when you have an Ace.


Split allows you to have an additional hand. This action can be done when you have 2 cards of the same point value. For example, you can split 10 and King or Jack and Queen. Pay attention that you should place an additional bet when you Split.

Face Up 21 Blackjack Strategy
Face Up 21 Blackjack Strategy
Face Up 21 Blackjack Win
Face Up 21 Blackjack Win

Face Up 21 Blackjack Autoplay Option

You can also use different option to make the game more comfortable for you. Click player options and you will be able to turn full screen mode on and off, to adjust the volume, to turn dealer’s voices on and off, to adjust card speed or to configure auto-play option. You should Click Cashier to deposit money, to make a withdrawals or to review past transactions. Note that Balance is the amount of money that you have on your account. Follow your Balance so that you can make such actions as Double and Split.


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