Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Review

Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack game Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Rules

Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Brief Overview

Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack is a sophisticated blackjack variation created by Microgaming with all the necessary features to make your game really exciting and profitable. It is played with 8 decks of 52 cards. Those who prefer to make several decisions at a time can play with up to 5 hands in total. With double and split feature you can create even more hands to play with and make your game more thrilling.

The rules are quite usual as for most Microgaming blackjack games. The dealer must stand on soft 17 and blackjack pays 3:2. You also can take advantage of such options as Late Surrender and Insurance bet to return some cash in case you seem to lose.

The minimum bet is $1.00. The maximum bet is $100. Those who want to play with all 5 hands at a time can start with the maximum bet of $500.

Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Rules and Strategy

Late Surrender

When the cards are dealt you still can choose Surrender option to cancel if the cards seem to be not so attractive for you. Choosing this option you should give up half the value of your initial bet amount. Choose whether you want to lose everything or just a half and make the right decision.


You can play with up to 5 hands at a time… at the beginning. Then you can create more hands choosing Split option. This feature is available when you get two cards of the same value. For example, you can split and create an extra hand to play with when you get two Sevens or two Kings.

An extra bet is placed on the other hand created. Thus, you can split up to 3 times creating up to 4 hands. In other words, the maximum possible number of hands created with the help of this option is 20. Seems to be quite enough to win something impressive.


You can double when two initial cards are dealt. Choose this option when you think one card is enough to create the best hand to win. An extra bet that is equivalent to your initial hand bet is placed increasing your possible prize… as well as possible loss. You can double after you have split as well.


When the dealer gets an Ace as his first card up you can choose Insurance option. In case the dealer really has Blackjack you will receive 2:1 odds on your Insurance bet. If the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack you will lose your Insurance bet that is equal half your initial bet.

Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Strategy
Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Strategy
Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Win
Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Win

Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Autoplay Option

This blackjack variation provides you with Regular and Expert mode. Choosing Expert mode you can use the Strategy table to choose the best steps to make for winning. Using multicoloured table you can indicate with which cards dealt to Stand, Hit, Surrender, Double or Split. You also can use Strategy provided by the software.

This strategy will be used when you decide to choose Autoplay option. All the decisions concerning your game will be made automatically in accordance with the strategy chosen. All you need is to sit and relax watching the game played when all the choices have been already made. You also can click on Stop button any time in case you want to change something in your strategy. Click Reset to return to the basic strategy offered by software or make decisions on your own.


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