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Pontoon Brief Overview

Pontoon is a one hand game created by RTG. It is played with 2 decks of 52 cards. It is quite easy to play and has enough options to make your game more exciting. The dealer’s both cards are dealt face down to make your choice more thrilling. Thus, you should decide whether to double, stand, split or hit taking into consideration only your two cards up.

Blackjack or Pontoon in this case pays 2:1. 5 Cards also pays 2:1. The dealer must hit soft 17 that slightly increases your chances to win while you as a player must hit 14 or less.

You can choose among such chips denominations as $1.00, $5.00, $25.00 and $100. The minimum bet allowed is $1.00 while the maximum possible bet of this game is $250.

Pontoon Rules and Strategy

Apart from usual Stand or Hit options you can Double or Split that makes this game more attractive as well as increases your chances to win more.

Hit and Stand are the options without which no blackjack games exist. You have a choice to influence your win and it makes blackjack so popular. However, we need even more, and Pontoon offers you more features to try.


You can double once any time. In other words, you can hit after you double. When you choose this option an extra bet equal to your initial bet is added and you get the opportunity to win more. When you click Double button an extra card added and then you again should decide whether you want to Stand or Hit. Think twice whether you have a good hand to beat the dealer’s cards and win such a prize.


When two cards of the same value appear you can choose Split option. You can split up to 2 times creating 3 hands. Every time you create a new hand an extra bet equal to your initial bet is added. Thus, you can turn this one hand game into multi hand blackjack with more prizes and intriguing ending.

Pontoon Strategy
Pontoon Strategy
Pontoon Win
Pontoon Win

Pontoon Autoplay Option

There is no autoplay option. All you can is to customize casino lobby in accordance with your requirements. For example, you can play full screen to enjoy the real size of cards and feel the atmosphere of real casino. You can turn of all sounds or on the contrary enjoy dealer voices announcing you when you split or double and just to add more communication in this game.

Change speed settings of the game enjoying cards dealt quickly only as software can. Or choose slower option to feel like you are playing with real dealer who dealt cards without fuss. You always can click Help button to find out more about various features presented and do your best taking advantage of them.


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