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Pontoon Single Player Brief Overview

Pontoon Single Player is a blackjack game released by Playtech that is played with 8 decks of 52 cards. Both dealer’s cards are dealt face down and won’t open till you are satisfied with your hand.

The dealer must hit on soft 17 or lower. Soft 17 is two, three or four cards equal 17 when one of them is an ace. At the same time, the dealer must stand on a hard 17 or higher. Hard 17 is when you have two, three or four card and none of them is an Ace.

You can choose among a vide range of chips denominations starting with $0.01 to $25. The minimum bet is $0.01 while the maximum bet can be up to $1,250. There are two types of hands to get a Blackjack payout that is 2:1.

First of all, it is Pontoon that is a combination of an ace and a ten or some picture card. The other option to win blackjack payout is to get Five Card Trick. It is when you have five cards without busting and it even doesn’t matter which total value it has. Anyway, you get 2:1.

Pontoon Single Player Rules and Strategy

You can Hit, Stand, Double or Split. There is no insurance payout, because two dealer’s cards are face down and are checked every time you start new game. In other words, if the dealer does have a blackjack, he wins immediately.


You can Double any time you want and add as more cards as you wish after doubling. However, sometimes software gives you a piece of advice concerning the hands when you should not double. When you double you add extra bet and of course, can win more.


You can split when you have two cards of the same value. It can be two eights or for example, two tens. You also can split when you have a king and a ten, because they both are of the same value.

When you split, you start playing with two hands. Note that an extra bet is added for the second hand. Now you also should decide whether you want to hit, double or stand. If you get ten or a picture card with an Ace after you have split it counts as Pontoon and you will get payout 2:1.

Pontoon Single Player Strategy
Pontoon Single Player Strategy
Pontoon Single Player Win
Pontoon Single Player Win

Pontoon Single Player Autoplay Option

There are no autoplay options unfortunately. However, you can take advantage of other features available. For example, you can change speed of the game influencing the speed of cards dealt.

You also can enlarge the cards displayed to make your game more convenient. Those who want to dive into the atmosphere of real casino can turn on full screen and appreciate bright colours and vivid design.

You also can change sound settings. If dealer’s voice distracts you, just turn it off. You also can enable background sounds or change sound volume. Just choose the options that seem to be the best for you and enjoy this game of skills.


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