Progressive Blackjack Single Player Review

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Progressive Blackjack Single Player Brief Overview

Progressive Blackjack Single Player released by Playtech is another blackjack variation that presents you a lot of options to make your free time more hazardous. This game is played with 6 decks or 52 cards that are shuffled after each hand is dealt.

Among the basic rules we should mention that the dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17s. Blackjack pays 3:2 while Insurance that is also available in this variation of blackjack pays 2:1.

The minimum bet you can start playing with is $1. The maximum bet allowed is $300. Don’t forget about optional bet that provides you with the opportunity to win progressive jackpot as well as some other impressive prizes.

Progressive Blackjack Single Player Rules and Strategy

Everything is as usual. You need to get a hand closer to 21 but not exceeding it. You can choose among such usual options as Stand, Hit, Split or Double. There is also Insurance bet as well. The only thing that makes this game unique is side bet that allows you to win so desired progressive jackpot.

Progressive Paytable

All you need to fight for this amazing prize is to click on the coin slit that is displayed above the bet area. Thus, you place side bet and a blinking light above the slit turns green with the cost of the side bet shown. Such side bet is necessary to add a certain percentage to the progressive jackpot pool.

Here are the hands you need to get to win the following prizes

  • 4 Suited Aces pays Progressive Jackpot
  • 3 Suited Aces pays 5000:1
  • 4 Aces pays 2500:1
  • 3 Aces pays 250:1
  • 2 Suited Aces pays 100:1
  • 2 Aces pays 50:1
  • 1 Ace pays 5:1

Note that these wins are awarded at the end of each round and if you split your hand, you will get your prize calculated separately for each hand.


When you get tow first cards dealt of the same value you can split them to create two hands. Then you can add as many cards as you wish except for the hand that has two Aces. When you split them you add one more card only.

Don’t forget that an extra bet is added automatically to the second hand created. This bet is equal to your initial bet.


If you believe that one more card is your way to so desired win, you can choose Double feature to increase your prize. Just click on this button, double your bet and find out whether you are right or not. You can win more as well as lose. Anyway, it is a good chance to make the game more thrilling relying on your sixth sense.


Those who are not sure in their victory when the dealer has already had an Ace as his first card up can choose Insurance option. It allows you to get save your initial bet and also guarantees you insurance payout that is 2:1.

When you choose this option you place a bet that is half your initial bet. If the dealer has Blackjack you win (what a paradox!) In case the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack you lose the Insurance bet. The game continues with the same cards dealt and the same bet placed.

Progressive Blackjack Single Player Strategy
Progressive Blackjack Single Player Strategy
Progressive Blackjack Single Player Win
Progressive Blackjack Single Player Win

Progressive Blackjack Single Player Autoplay Option

Playtech doesn’t offer you Autoplay option. However, you can also customize such features as sound, speed of game, size of cards, etc. All these make your gambling experience more comfortable and allows you to find the best options just for you.

Some prefer to play full screen mode, while others just enlarge cards sizes. Some players want to listen to the dealer telling them what is going on during the game, while others need silence… to think.


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