Super 21 Blackjack Review

Super 21 game Super 21 Rules

Super 21 Brief Overview

Super 21 Blackjack is another game released by RTG. It is played with 8 standard decks of 52 cards. This game has more options to choose from in comparison to standard blackjack variations. Thus, you can take advantage of Late Surrender, Bonus payout as well as Split and Double features.

Blackjack pays even money. The dealer must hit soft 17 that slightly increases your chances to win. You also can place insurance bet when the dealer has an Ace as his first card up. In this case Insurance pays 2:1.

You can choose among such chip denominations as $1.00, $5.00, $25.00 and $100. The minimum bet allowed is $1.00. The maximum bet possible is $250.

Super 21 Rules and Strategy

Bonus Hands

Apart from standard Hit and Stand options you can choose among several steps to make to get closer to 21 not exceeding it. First of all, we should say about bonus hands payouts that require no skills to get. Just pure luck. Here are they:

  • Diamond Blackjack pays 2:1
  • 5 card 21 pays 2:1
  • 6 card 21 pays 2:1
  • 6 cards pays instant win

Note that this bonus hands do not apply when doubling.

Late Surrender

You can choose Surrender option after any action maid till you click Stand button. If you suppose that your hand is not so advantageous to win and you definitely lose, you can choose Surrender option and return at least half your initial bet. It is better than nothing if you are sure that you won’t win.


You can double once only. However, you can double any time you want even after you have split. This time you will increase your possible win. However, you also can lose more. Think twice whether your hand is so advantageous to bet and win. Don’t forget that when you double, bonus payouts are not applicable.


You can split up to 2 times. In other words, you can split and than resplit once creating up to 3 hands. Thus, you can play multi hand blackjack instead of one hand game. An extra bet equal to your initial bet should be placed every time you split and create a new hand. Thus, you can make your game more exciting and win more making decision when consider the same dealer’s hand.


When the dealer has an Ace at the beginning of the game you can choose Insurance option. It will cost you the half your initial bet that you will lose if the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack. If the dealer has a Blackjack, Insurance pays 2:1. It is just another opportunity to win more and check your intuition while making a decision.

Super 21 Strategy
Super 21 Strategy
Super 21 Win
Super 21 Win

Super 21 Autoplay Option

There is no Autoplay option. However, you can customize your casino lobby in accordance with your requirements. For example, you can turn off all sounds or on the contrary, to make dealer’s voice louder. You can play full screen to enjoy the high quality graphics and play with the real sized cards to feel the atmosphere of real game when you sitting at table. Make your online gambling experience better with various options to try and enjoy.


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